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TUESDAY Business Network: Organises conferences and events for technology entrepreneurs, investors and IT professionals


Web Design / Front-End Development / Logo Design / Brand Design

TUESDAY Business Network is a part of Internet Info company where I was the sole web designer and front‑end developer. My resources were very limited and we needed a system to create event sites very fast and with minimal effort. Sometimes the event logo and website needed to be designed and launched within only 2 days.

We already had in‑house developed CMS which developers extended to manage events: schedules, speakers, presentation download, registration management etc.

It would have been time‑consuming to create HTML templates for every event website so I designed a system where the event sites were built entirely via CMS. Each event site was built from predefined pages and components such as an intro, schedule, speakers, gallery, registration form etc. These predefined pages and components were based on shared HTML templates, custom CSS framework and image assets.

Some components could be set to display as separate pages or in‑line on the home page. It was therefore possible to build either a small one‑page event site or larger multiple‑page site without having to write a single line of HTML.

Low‑budget events could rely on default visual theme and could be launched in matter of hours. Custom design for larger events could be achieved only by providing extra CSS above the base frameworkmaking it possible to create a logo, a simple branding and a web design and to launch the event site within 23 days. This system has been providing huge savings in time and money.

In‑Comms Forum

A forum about internal communications within organisations.

Logo Design / Web Design / Front‑End Development

Internet Advertising Conference

A conference specialised on the internet advertising market.

Web Design / Front‑End Development

Content First

A conference about creating and managing content on the web.

Logo Design / Web Design / Front‑End Development

UX Masterclass Prague

A conference about newest UX and business trends.

Web Design / Front‑End Development

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