Internet Info Site


Internet Info: Czech on‑line publishing company with a portfolio of IT, business, finance and lifestyle web magazines


Web Design / Front-End Development / Visual Identity

Internet Info needed a new website which would better present their portfolio of online magazines and provide information for advertising partners. The website also needed a new fresh look which would set the company’s visual identity as the website was practically the only point where visual identity of the company could be seen by the public.

The landing page provides immediate overview of the company’s business and provides quick links to all important sections.
This is a profile page of one of the online magazines. Charts were used to highlight the project’s success and its demography which is appealing to advertisers. This is further enhanced by the testimonials of high-profile readers.
Another important part was a section for potential advertisers. A pricing table and a preview of advertising positions for each of the publisher’s magazines were created.
An “about” page with a pop‑up layer with management’s profile information is a nice way to structure content and to save some screen estate.
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