I design websites

  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Visual and UI Design

Down to Earth Design

I aim for friendly and enjoyable design, I regard design trends with a healthy skepticism and I consider my designs as pragmatic. Ultimately my goal is to design solutions to problems.

It’s important to have an open and curious mind at the beginning of any project. I learn about the subject, ask questions and explore possibilities while working together within the team and closely with the client.

Iterations, prototyping and getting feedback through the design process is essential to find the right answers and solutions.

Once wireframes and user interactions are done and ideally prototyped, I design the visual detailscolours, grids, typography, iconography or illustrations and I make sure the layouts work on every screen size and device.

I build Front-End

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • jQuery

Clean and solid code for responsive sites

I enjoy building layout and UI of simple pages up to complex web applications. I aim for well structured and cross-browser compatible code.

I am familiar using HTML with static site generators, content management systems and template engines.

I build websites that work in all modern browsers and on every screen size and device. I use CSS preprocessors to write smarter, reusable and cleaner code.

I use jQuery JavaScript library for UI interactions and DOM manipulation.

I can also help with

  • Logo and Identity Design
  • Iconography
  • Illustration
  • Print Design
  • Motion Graphic
  • Photography

The utility of expertise is relative to the problem at handI am experienced and curious about a broad range of visual disciplines which allows me to tackle diverse parts of projects but I recognise where deeper expertise is needed.

Where I've worked


June 2014–December 2015

Online web builder that makes it easy to create responsive sites for everyone.

Bristol, United Kingdom / basekit.com

I joined BaseKit’s design team that creates and maintains templates for BaseKit website builder as a web designer and front-end developer.

My role was to design and build new responsive website templates that worked within the company’s online website builder and to maintain and debug existing templates.

I was especially appreciated for my front-end development skills, analytical thinking, researching and prototyping of new template functions.

This experience was mainly beneficial to develop and refine my visual design skills.

Internet Info

June 2008–May 2014

Czech on-line publishing company with a portfolio of IT, business, finance and lifestyle web magazines.

Prague, Czech republic / iinfo.cz

I was hired by Internet Info where I extended their developer team as a graphic designer, web designer and front-end developer. Therefore my role was responsible for every visual work in the company such as print and online ads, logo designs or basic illustrations but the main focus laid on web design and front-end development of a portfolio of IT, business, finance and lifestyle web magazines and a template system for event websites.

I enhanced the range of publisher’s project by modern web design and techniques and brought many user experience improvements. I was working in a close cooperation with back-end developers and user experience specialists to upgrade or create new projects.

This position allowed me to gain experience in a wide spectrum of design disciplines and a front-end development. I was fully responsible for my work and its impact on the company's business.

In my spare time

You will most likely find me piloting or building radio controlled aeroplanes, traveling and exploring new places, taking photos or reading about the web.

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Bristol, UK

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